KidzCon - California (October 1-3) & Dallas ( Winter 2022)

Events Jul 7, 2021

KIDZCON is a 2-day destination experience event where kids get to bask in a dream world of fun and discovery, and most importantly, be themselves. The biggest names in kid’s toys, apparel, and gadgets join forces to create an ultimate world of interactive play designed to ignite their imaginations and inspire creativity.

KIDZCON aims to empower kids to never be afraid to be unique and express their individuality in a highly compromised world of adults. We strive to encourage kids to stay true to who they are. Sponsors and vendors have the chance to showcase their products and market their innovative concepts while attendees can shop 100+ curated brands, indulge in sweet treats, flavorful food, and interactive activities.


KIDZCON was founded by Keyana Franklin, a single mother born in Los Angeles, California, and raised by a tribe of women who were passionate event planners and professional educators. Keyana created KIDZCON, an event encouraging a world of fun where kids from every background and culture could explore, create, and be free while in a safe environment. This ultimate world of play gives children and their families the chance to spend quality time together while simultaneously being exposed to the latest and greatest kids apparel, children-friendly artist, video games, influencers, etc. KIDZCON never fails to bring out the kid in everyone.


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