Mommies of Miracle

Resources Jul 7, 2021

Virtual Support. Real Hope.

Mommies of Miracles, where mothers of children with exceptional needs unite! Mommies of Miracles is the world's largest virtual support group for mothers of children who have special health care and/or developmental needs. We offer FREE peer support, networking, resources, helpful tools, family matching, special programs, and various social media sites.

The mission of Mommies of Miracles is to eliminate the isolation mothers of exceptional needs children experience on a daily basis by providing an extended network of resources, products & services, grief support, family matching, and hope.

This little guy and his mom enjoy a happy day in the grass. You don’t often realize how much a nice patch of well maintaned grass sets a people free to enjoy something wonderful and inspire a community something greater. So it is at Palas Mall in Iasi, one of Europe’s finest malls that makes for a glimpse of the hope there is for Romania to go on to inspiring things.


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