Your Summer Break Survival Guide

Jun 25, 2021

Written by Tosin Ade

Have you been thinking about summer break? Are you excited about the fun in store or dreading it? Will your kids enjoy their summer vacation or be bored out of their minds? If you are a parent, one of these questions is probably common during this time of the year.

Transitioning from summer to summer can be challenging for children and parents alike. After, an entire year of adapting to set school hours and expectations, the end of the year can be a difficult time that will test everyone's patience.

Though it comes with its challenges, summer can be a time of relief for parents and children. This is why when transitioning from the school year to summer break, it is important to transition effectively so that all parties involved are ready and able to make the most of summer.

These tips will outline ways you and your child can adjust to the shift from school life to summer break. If managed correctly, the change won't be as bad as you think.

Spend time outdoors: It's summer break and children don't have to go to school. This is an opportunity for children to engage in more physical activities by playing outdoors. The kids have fun and parents are able to reduce the complaints of boredom from the children. It can be a win-win situation for both the parents and the kids. Carving out time to play outdoors during the summer is not only fun but also good for them to get more physically fit than if they were indoors all summer. Keeping the kids indoors all summer will not only exacerbate boredom but is also bad for their health.    

Do not overpack your schedule: Summer is a time for children to be carefree and filled with endless possibilities. In my opinion, there is no season better than summer. The feeling of the warm sun on your face, the sound of your kids' laughter as they play in the hot weather with friends, and afternoons spent lazily relaxing with a beautiful book are a few reasons why I love summer. That being said, if you are like me, one of your biggest fears during the summer will be overpacking your kids' summer schedule to the point of exhaustion. Allow time for unstructured activities. You want to make sure that activities are varied and spaced out. This allows children to have a much-needed relaxed summer break and be very prepared to face yet another hectic school year.

Ask for a wishlist: Your kids have waited all year for the summer break. There are many activities parents can give their children to make summer fun. Parents should ask their children to make a wishlist of activities that they would like to do during the summer break. This will also help parents in giving options for the summer activities. The wishlist can also be sent to grandparents and other relatives so they know what kind of activities they can have planned with the children during the summer holidays.  

Try not to think too much about the kids' summer break. Focus more on making it memorable and relaxing, especially so you can remember those days of carefree summer. Don't stress! Think vacation, rest, and doing things together as a family- real quality time.  

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